Working people

This page shows working people in Masasi District and the differences I saw between 1992 and 2013 were encouraging because the average wealth has increased. However many people suffer from serious poverty just as before

Interesting traditional crafts exist alongside modern transport, satellite TV’s and the ubiquitous mobile phone.  Transport is well organised and benefits tremendously from the ongoing road improvements. The better road to Dar es Salaam has encouraged several bus companies  to run services to Lindi and Mtwara. Competition has kept prices low while bus services are more reliable and of course quicker these days.

Daladalas are still habitually overfilled and sometimes kept running despite being in a bad state. New to Mtwara and Masasi the two-passenger tricycle taxis known as Bajaji are good for short journeys and cost less than normal taxis. These are made in India by Bajaj and drivers can buy their vehicles from their income if they are successful enough. I notice they drive very carefully over bumpy ground to keep their Bajajis in good condition.

Farming has continued to change. For example, a bank manager who came from far away to work at Ndanda started cultivating rice in damp ground near the Lukuledi River, hiring local people to work for him in the field. The rice grew well and he profited but now he can’t find the same cheap labour. It seems that his success with rice was noticed and many farmers grow rice now. More land is now cultivated but it’s not obvious whether the increase in food supply has kept pace with increasing demand There’s still a need for animals to be  accompanied by herders when they are taken out for grazing. This may be done by children who therefore miss the chance to learn in school.

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