UK pledges £30m for rural energy in Tanzania

Source: UK pledges £30m for rural energy in Tanzania

Usually aid reaches the north of the country much more than the south. This money will be added to a similar amount from the government of Sweden and it will be spent on projects under the guidance of Tanzania’s Rural Energy Agency (REA). It is claimed by the REA that it has a core value of transparency.



  • We are transparent and accountable for what we do.
  • Goals and objectives are aligned and clearly articulated.
  • Our actions are open to the public scrutiny.
  • We are honest about our performance.”
 I do not see transparency about their actions in the online information from REA. For example what project actions did the REA support financially in the last two years and what will they support in 2016? Much money has been allocated for consultants in 2015/16 but I don’t see that much happens from this money to improve rural energy availability. Let me quote one consultancy example from REA;
“Consultanting Services to prepare and implement training programs on
Business Plan, Solar/Wind energy, biogass, biomass, small hydropower
technologies and Gender issues in Energy projects undertaken by
When will something happen in Mtwara Region to reduce power cuts?


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