Why go to Masasi District?

Plenty of reasons….
It’s a beautiful and interesting place. One big town, many villages, plenty of space and the famous Makonde Plateau are all here. If you like trees, there are big areas of miombo woodland and near rivers you can find giant jungle trees too.          

Miombo woodland is quite different because it needs to survive the long annual drought. The trees are much smaller than riverside ones but they are sometimes related species. There are many more kinds of trees than in temperate climates.  Mango trees have been introduced here and seem to have spread to remote areas. Maybe baboons (who like the fruit) have scattered the seeds. 

We occasionally found  trees with edible red fruit and wondered whether people couldpropagate them for extra food. The fruit comes ripe before main cultivated crops but after mangos and it tastes good straight from the trees.

Exploring on foot

The countryside has footpaths almost everywhere, even in seemingly untouched woodland wilderness but if you seek them out you’ll find places without paths. For example, up on the bigger rock outcrops like Mtandi mountain. It’s not really huge but it seems like it when you climb the steep sides in tropical heat, especially when the rainy season brings forth such lush, tall grass. 



  1. Harry Mwambe · September 28, 2012

    its wonderful, I coulnt imaging to find such an amzing scene in masasi. thats so wonderful

  2. Cecil · April 3, 2013

    This is relay wonderful, Icouldnt imagine to see it in here, i am from Ndanda, but i ussually travell to Masasi/ Ndanda frequntly, i will try to go aound and keep posted beutifull photos so as to call people to have a visit to Masasi, we ahve long way to go, Cecil

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